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Beta Tester Hub

As a beta tester, you're our backstage VIP! Feel free to complete as many tests as you want, in any order. Your dedication will be rewarded, and the best contributions will receive special gifts. Dive into the tests below, share your insights, and help us refine our product. Your voice shapes our innovation. Let's collaborate, elevate, and win together!

Level 1: Interact with the product

Motionshift Editor 1.0
10 mins

In this test, you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with the initial version of our product. We've prepared two short tasks for you to perform within the editor. These tasks will help us gather valuable insights about the product's performance and usability. After completing the tasks, we'll follow up with some questions to learn more about your overall experience.

Level 2: Usage and experience

Your experience with similar tools
7 mins

This questionnaire delves into your perceptions of similar tools like Motionshift, helping us understand how to stand out and serve you better. Your feedback shapes our journey.

Your First Impressions
6 mins

This quick questionnaire is all about your first peek at Motionshift and what you're hoping to achieve. Your responses will guide us in making Motionshift even better for you.

Ad Creation and Performance
5 mins

This questionnaire delves into your confidence, strategies, and desires when creating high-performance ads. Your feedback is the driving force behind better ad campaigns.

Motionshift's Pricing
5 mins

This questionnaire focuses on understanding how you perceive Motionshift's pricing and what factors shape your buying decisions. Your feedback will help us fine-tune Motionshift's value for you.

Level 3: Your thoughts on our features

Transforming videos to templates with AI
7 mins

This questionnaire focuses on your impressions of the AI feature that converts a video that you uploaded to an editable Motionshift template. Your feedback will guide us in making this feature as remarkable as possible.

AI-Powered Asset Library
5 mins

This test focuses on the AI-Powered Motionshift Asset Library. Help us refine this cutting-edge feature to better serve your creative needs.

Website to template
5 mins

This questionnaire revolves around your thoughts on the innovative Website-to-Template feature. Your feedback guides us in creating a personalized and powerful tool.

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