What are 3D videos and why should you use them in your social media?

December 5, 2022

“Click-throughs on a video are often much higher than a standard website listing on the front page of Google. If you see a video in the Google results… it stands out a lot more than a regular website listing does, so it tends to attract more clicks.”

Stephen Hockman

Times are changing. Video has become the go-to format on social media for its ability to capture the viewer's attention fast, fire up imagination, convey the brand's message efficiently, and tell more memorable brand stories. Today, if you want to take your brand to the next level, you need to create visual content that stands out and that your audience truly connects to. The good news? Motionshift is here to help.

So what, exactly, are 3D videos and 3D animations? Why are they the fastest and easiest way to create stunning video content? What type of video content can you create? And how can such videos connect with your customers on a higher level?

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What are 3D videos?

Before we jump into why 3D videos are the most powerful medium for your social media strategy — and how to make them easily — it’s important to first understand what, exactly, 3D videos, 3D animation and 3D motion graphics are.

3D videos can be described as creating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. You can move and rotate these 3D objects and models around in 360-degree space to get any angle you want for the composition — 3D animations are created entirely on the computer. 

Unlike 2D animation where images are flat and offer only one perspective because they have only width and height. 3D animation looks more realistic because of adding the third dimension with depth and materiality just like in real life.

Knowing what is meant by 3D video and 3D animation is one thing — but making product demos, explainer videos or product promos fast is another — now, you no longer have to be a 3D motion graphics wizard — simply get started with one of Motionshift’s templates to create, for example, your YouTube video ad.

How to create 3D video content easily?

Ok, so the definition of 3D videos and 3D motion graphics is pretty straightforward. But how can you create such videos easily?

Say goodbye to expensive camera and a professional studio setup to create cool packshots for example. The 3D environment or digital studio if you like, already contains all you need - a preset digital camera, preset digital lighting, 3D mockups, 3D props to spice things up, an easy to use video editor, an easy to use 3D mockup editor and a library with pre-made 3D motions that you simply apply to the object! 

If you want to bring your product, video and ideas to life and post them on various social media channels, we highly recommend Motionshift’s free online 3D video editor. Where you can find a variety of templates with different video formats: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

How to connect with your customers on a higher level?

There are new opportunities to create 3D video and interactive brand experiences easily, but how does this relate to your customers and why would they care? According to Fanaras “A strong brand makes people purchase it more often”, she explains that the research on the benefits of the strong brands, shows that companies gain more loyalty because of their brands.“

This is exactly where motion graphics and 3D animation comes into play to increase customer loyalty by evoking positive user emotions, creating a distinctive online image, and establishing powerful associations with a brand.

The delivery of high-quality visual content across the whole buyer's journey is now a priority for businesses in order to provide a smooth digital experience.

A consumer base with deep emotional connections to your brand will be the result of all your brand strategy efforts. Customers are more inclined to choose and will spend more on a product whose brand they are familiar with. Your brand strategy will help your company establish a solid reputation and a following of devoted clients, which will help it succeed.

Why should you use 3D videos in your social media strategy?

93% of marketers say social media has accelerated competition in their industry. The opportunity of social media has never been greater than it is today, and as a result, social media marketers see social media as both the catalyst for competition and the key for differentiation. This is exactly where 3D animation and motion graphics excel by setting the tone for your brand's personality and helping your viewers recognize it.

According to social media today, post with motion graphics and videos are 55% more engaging than those without them. Not only that, they’re highly shareable, but they also generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined, resulting in more attention paid by viewers. So considering them in your approach can lead to more opportunities for your brand and your sales. 

Modern brands are not a series of static screens anymore but rather a dynamic compilation of multiple mediums that help you tell great stories about your brand. 

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